Extra Credit

There will be a number of extra credit opportunities, which will be announced during the semester. You will be required to write a short 1 and 1/2 page summary of an article, a short video, or a documentary.

Each summary paper is worth up to 1% of your final grade. You can complete as many projects as you would like, but only up to 5 will be taken into consideration in your final grade formation (i.e. at most you can increase your final grade by a half letter). For example, if your weighted average is 77, which is a C, and you have completed 3 extra credit assignment, your final grade will be 80, which is a B.

Extra credit is always due a week from the day it is announced.

Each paper will receive up to 10 points based on the following criteria:

Length (0-2 pts)

2 = at least 600 words.

1 = at least 4oo words.

Summary (how well you summarized the article/video/documentary: 0-2 pts)

2 = a perfect summary. You captured what was essential to the reading with the fewest number of words possible.

1 = irrelevant details were included, or the essence of the reading was neglected.

0 = the summary needs a complete overhaul.

Discussion (organization and understanding: 0-3 pts)

3 = excellent discussion; enjoyable to read and helpful.

2 = coherent, adequate discussion, possibly with minor problems of organization or understanding.

1 = organizational problems make the discussion difficult to follow, or else it is evident that you’ve seriously misunderstood the reading.

0 = (speaks for itself, alas)

Grammar/Spelling/Mechanics (for your paper as a whole: 0-3)

3 = flawless writing, with neither typos nor misspellings.

2 = one to three errors.

1 = four or more errors.

0 = you need to pay closer attention to what you write, or consult Hacker, or perhaps both of these.